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Lisbon is on the map for the past few years. Located 2 hours from most of the European capitals, it is a city easy to reach for a long or a short stay. My home in has selected a wide range of accommodation, apartments and houses available for a weekend or for a short stay in Lisbon. We invite you to check our listings. Find your weekend accommodation in Lisbon!

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Holiday rentals for a weekend in Lisbon

Consult our weekend short term rentals and accommodation in Lisbon and choose the one that suits you the best for a wonderful stay in the Portuguese capital!

Rent an accommodation for a weekend in Lisbon

No doubt you have already heard from Lisbon! Located on the Atlantic coast, right in the middle of Portugal, Lisbon has everything to seduce: a beautiful sea side, an amazing gastronomy... and obviously its architecture. The most, you do not need a car in Lisbon and can discover the city easily walking. It is even the best way to know Lisbon. Lisbon is definitely the right destination if you wish to escape for a weekend or so. You can easily find an apartment for rent in the heart of the city in some of the best known and nicest areas such as Chiado, Principe real, Graça. There is something for each of us the young ones who wish to party all night long wil look for the Bairro Alto and the ones who wish to sunbath will either look at Guincho (the windsurfing spot) or at the Costa Da Caparica, a long and nice beach located 15 minutes from Lisbon. In 3 days time, meaning a long weekend, you can easily have a good overlook of the city. For those who have the possibility to extend their stay and to spend more than a weekend, the neighboring cities Sintra and Cascais have a lot to offer. Renting an apartment in Lisbon is quite easy and you can choose your location depending on your wishes. Do not hesitate to ask our advices or recommendations!