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For the traveler who arrives by the sea, Lisbonne, even far and away, rises like a delightful vision of a dream, and it clearly stands out against the bright blue of the sky, which the sun warms up with its gold. It is in this way that Fernando Pessoa hands out justice to the beauty of his city and you will just agree with him when you discover Lisbonne for the first time. Choose a holiday in Lisbon!

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Lisbon, a great holiday destination

Here are our holiday villas and apartments offers for your holiday in Lisbon, Portugal. We select each holiday villa and apartment proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My Home In Lisbon offers you also the possibility to rent a nice  holiday apartment in Lisbon but also holiday houses for rent in Lisbon.

Choose Lisbon for a holiday

Its colorful facades, its narrow streets that fall perpendicularly to a river so large that it seems almost vertical, and the incomparable light that it projects over the whole city ...  Lisbonne is indeed a delight and an ideal destination for those who wants to spend a romantic weekend as well as a sporting, cultural or just relaxing stay.

Relaxation, sport, walks, museums, restaurants, shopping:  Lisbonne can meet all your expectations! For a romantic weekend, explore its historic streets, walk along the banks of the Tage or book a boat trip. For a sporting weekend, cross the river to go to the beaches of Caparica or take the train to Estoril and join the many surfers who defy the ocean. For cultural discoveries, run the museums: the Gulbenkian, as remarkable for its collections as for its architecture, the Museum of Ancient Arts, which shelters “La Tentation de Saint Antoine”, Jérôme Bosch, the brand-new MAAT ( Art museum, Architecture and Technology) or the cultural center of Belém, for more modern collections. For a relaxing week-end, settle on the lawns of the parks - Parque Eduadro VII, Jardim d'Estrela for example - and enjoy an oasis of peace at the heart of the city. For a shopping tour, go to Chiado where you will find both international brands and local brands. With My Home In  Lisbonne, book your  Lisbonne accommodation and make your weekend customizable!