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Montmartre de Lisbonne, the neighborhood surrounding the castle Sao Jorge offers a breathtaking view of the city and the Tage, a labyrinth of charming alleyways that shelter restaurants, workshops and small shops. The famous tram 28 stops at the bottom of the castle. Book your accommodation in Lisbon Castelo Sao Jorge and enjoy the history of Lisbonne.

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Here are our accommodation in Lisbon Castelo Sao Jorge, Portugal. My home in proposes you also some accommodation in Mouraria and in the Bairro Alto for a pleasant holiday in Lisbon.

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Built by the Moors, who gave the town the name of Lissabona, the castle was a prominent place to watch the Tage and the surrounding hills. Its recapture took several centuries and it was only in the 13th century, when the city became capital of the country, that the castle became royal palace - it was there, in particular, that Vasco de Gama celebrated his Indian discoveries in the fifteenth century. Today you can walk around its impressive ramparts, which offer an extraordinary view of the Tage and the city. In the summer, singers and actors revive its glorious past, under the watchful eye of the peacocks who cheer in the courts. Do not hesitate to stroll through the small cobbled streets around the castle. The \"miradouros\" (esplanades) and their panoramic views, the colored facades or covered with azulejos, as well as the bougainvilliers, that decorate with flowers the turnings of the alleys, bring happiness to the visitors. Many restaurants and shops offer Portuguese specialties: embroidered linen, objects made of cork, colored cocks, liqueurs and various sweets .... If your steps lead you to the Costa do Castelo, push the door of number 7 : The circus school that settles there offers a very convivial bar and restaurant on the hillside (\"Chapito a mesa\"). With My Home In Lisbonne, book your Castelo Sao Jorge vacation and immerse yourself in Portuguese history and traditions.