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More secret than the Alfama and Graça, the neighborhood of Sao Vicente da Fora is, however,  just as good as its two neighbors in terms of beauty and authenticity. It even reserves very nice discoveries for those who take the trouble to stop there. Book an accommodation in Lisbon Sao Vicente da Fora and enjoy a stay full of surprises, just a stone’s throw away from the tourist circuits.

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Holiday rentals in Lisbon Sao Vicente da Fora

Here are our accommodation in Lisbon, Sao Vicente Da Fora district. My home in Lisbon offers you also the possibility to rent a nice accommodation in Graça or one in Rossio district. Organise your holiday in Lisbon!

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Authentic and popular area, Sao Vicente da Fora is located to the East of the Alfama and to the South of Graça. In the center, the magnificent church that gave it its name is worth the detour for many reasons. First of all, it shelters a rare collection of azulejos (tiles typical of Portugal) which represent the Fables of La Fontaine. A second attractive feature, unknown by the tourists: its roof is accessible to visitors, who can admire a breathtaking panorama (probably one of the most beautiful in the city) on the entire Tage estuary. Finally, the alleys surrounding it welcome a huge flea market on Tuesdays and Saturdays, the \"Feira da Ladra\" (Thaler's Fair), where the chinaurs can find ancient azulejos as well as furniture and objects of Antique decoration, collectible toys, second-hand clothes and costume jewelry. Do not miss this unique experience! The stands are located all around the church and along the Campo Santa Clara, which plunges towards the Tage. Between two shops, have a rest at one of the tables of the booth of Jardim Botto Machado, which offers a dream sight on the roofs of Lisbonne and the estuary of the river. A little further down, the National Pantheon shelters many of the country's most famous souls, including singer Amalia Rodrigues. With My Home In Lisbonne, book now your rental in Sao Vicente da Fora and discover all the mysteries of this typical district of the capital.