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Lisbon is an unforgettable city. Welcoming, authentic, surprising, colorful, it instantly seduces its visitors, who come every year more numerous. Choose an apartment rental in Lisbon for your next stay in the Portuguese capital.

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Here are our apartment rental offers as accommodation in Lisbon, Portugal. We select each holiday apartment proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My Home In Lisbon offers you also the possibility to rent a nice holiday villa with swimming pool in Lisbon or a beautiful holiday villas for rent in Lisbon.

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Make sure you do not miss this magical city by booking your apartment in Lisbon now. Studio in a festive area, modern apartment on the banks of the Tagus, room in a restored palace: let your desires run free! Besides its charming alleys, the warmth of its inhabitants, its historical monuments and its tempting pastries, one of the main attractions of Lisbon is undoubtedly the Tage River, which gives the city its indefinable light, sung by many poets . The river surprises you on every street corner, reassuring presence. Contemplating the ballet of the boats on this \"straw coloured sea\" is a delight, at any hour of the day. The little ones will go into raptures when they see passing the cruise ships, high as buildings, the enthusiasts will scrutinize the old rigging. In the morning, a mysterious mist envelops the river and up to the pillars of the bridge of 25 April. During the day, the water sparkles and projects its light on the Lisbon frontages - which deserved its nickname of \"white city\". In the evening, the sun throws its lights to the water and sets ablaze the entire estuary. At night, the stars are reflected on the waves and echo the lights of the city. Be sure not to miss it by booking on our website an apartment rental in Lisbon with view of the Tage. It will be, at every minute, a new picture. Many properties offer balconies or terraces with views. Settle into a high floor and open your windows to the most beautiful show Lisbon has to offer.