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Its tower that revives the memory of the conquistadors, its monastery with dazzling architecture, its pasteis de nata which are tasted while it is hot at the \"Pasteis de Belém\" since 1837 ... There are many reasons to choose Belém as a place to stay for your holidays. Choose an accommodation in Lisbon Belem.

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Here are our accommodation in Belem. My Home In Lisbon offers you the possibility to rent a nice apartment in Belem or in the surrounding districts of Alcantara and Estrela for a pleasant holiday in Lisbon.

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Added to that the tranquility of this authentic neighborhood - if you are a little bit off the tourist trail, the proximity of the Tage which offers great walking or cycling, efficient transport, which allow you to reach Lisbonne within a half an hour, as well as the establishment of several museums and contemporary art centers: all this makes Belém an ideal destination to enjoy all the city's assets. \"Splendid jewel of stone\", as described by Fernando Pessoa, the tower of Belém was erected in the 16th century to protect the entrance to the port of Lisbonne. \"This tower is a true lace,\" the poet adds, \"and a lace of superior quality.\" Indeed, the visit of the tower is a wonder, and an invitation to travel: the Moorish influence is strongly felt. During the school holidays, try to arrive early enough in the morning: the influx can be important. It is the same for the Jeronimos Monastery: the queue can seem very long, especially in direct sunlight. But the latter is really worth waiting for: built in the 16th century by King Manuel I to celebrate the return of Vasco de Gama from his first trip to India, it is a true manifesto of the Manueline style. The church of Santa Maria, which is reached before entering the monastery, shelters the tomb of Vasco de Gama and the poet Luis de Camoes. The cloister - a splendor - houses the tomb of Fernando Pessoa. But Belém is not only the exaltation of the glorious Portuguese past. It is also the celebration of the arts in all that they have most modern and living, testifies to the installation in 1992 of the cultural center of Belem, not far from the monastery. This building with a contemporary and pure architecture, signed Vittorio Gregotti and Manuel Salgado, hosts many artistic events: exhibitions, concerts, etc ... And it is still in Belem, on the banks of the Tage, that the brand new MAAT Art museum, architecture and technology, set in 2016 its elegant silhouette, delicate as a wave. With My Home In Lisbonne, book your accommodation in Belém and go through centuries of Portuguese culture.