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A majestic avenue built in the 19th century on the model of the Champs Elysees, Avenue de la Liberté is the central artery of Lisbon, which joins the Restauradores square from that of Marques de Pombal. Choose an accommodation in Lisbon Avenue de la Liberte.

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Our holiday rentals in Lisbon Avenue de la Liberte

Here are our accommodation in Lisbon Avenue de la Liberte. My home in Lisbon offers you also the possibility to rent a nice in Marques Plombal or in Santa Catarina for a pleasant holiday in Lisbon.

Rent an accommodation in Lisbon Avenue de la Liberte for a long holiday

Lined with luxury shops, restaurants, large hotels and cozy cafes, covered with arabesques and abstract mosaics drawn by the small black and white cobblestones typical of the capital, it invites its visitors to wander and travel . By booking your rental Avenue de la Liberté , you will benefit from a prestigious address at the heart of Lisbon. Lovers of shopping, lovers of  heritage discovery, gastronomy or just urban walks, this avenue is made for you. Lined with luxury shops and boutiques, it offers both European and international brands as well as Portuguese products to discover. Avenue de la Liberté was a highlight of Lisbonne evenings in the first half of the 20th century, when it offered many restaurants and cinemas. The restaurants are still there and the prestigious Cinema Sao Jorge, the emblematic hall of the capital, has recently been restored and has recovered all the chandelier that it was at its construction in 1950. Not far from there, about halfway, at the level of the rua do Salitre, a monument to the dead of the First World War, created by the sculptor Maximiano Alves and inaugurated in 1931. Feel free to leave the avenue for another beautiful escapes: west side, rua Do Salitre, rather steep, runs alongside the botanical garden to reach Principe Real. On the east side, the small rua Barata Salgueiro and rua Manuel Jesus Coelho take you to the most popular and charming area of ​​Santa Marta. If you have the courage (the path is very steep), push to the Campo Martires Park in Patria: the labyrinth of alleyways is worth a look. With My Home In Lisbonne, combine prestige and charm by booking a rental Avenue de la Liberté.