Events in Lisbon, Portugal

A dynamic and festive city, Lisbonne hosts many events, all year round, for all the preferences.

Do not miss the Mardi Gras in February / March: the Portuguese take the carnival ("o entrudo") very seriously! All the children of the city wear fancy dresses and walk the streets. The adult are not outdone to bury the winter: popular festivals, parades, costumes ... One of the most popular carnivals takes place in Loures, a few kilometers from Lisbonne.

Another celebration not to be missed for anything at all: the Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of the city. It takes place on 13 June (public holiday), but the festivities start the day before and continue for several weeks: in streets such as Alfama, Graça, Bica or Madragoa, the streets are covered by colored garlands and large tables are available to welcome fans of grilled sardines. Popular balls animate the squares until late at night. The feast of Santo Antonio is the highlight of the Lisbon calendar, which attracts many visitors every year.

On December 1, 1640, the Portuguese were freed from the Spanish occupation by bearing on the throne John of Braganza, which took the name of John IV. Every year, Portugal celebrates the "Dia de independencia" (Independence Day) by organizing numerous festivities all over the country. Lisbonne is not to be outdone, offering each year a program around the history of the country.

Lovers of contemporary music, run to the summer festivals! The biggest international top of the bills are in May at the Rock in Rio festival in the Bela Vista Park. Beginning of July at the festival Nos Alive, in Oeiras; and mid-July at Super Bock Super Rock, at Parques das Naçoes.

For those who prefer classical music, the Ao Largo Festival offers free concerts in the square of the Sao Carlos theater during most of July.

Finally, moviegoers will enjoy the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival which is held annually in November. It offers a very rich programming and meetings with leading directors, such as Emir Kusturica and Jim Jarmusch in 2016. Book your holiday in Lisbon with My home in.