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For a perfect location, at the heart of Lisbon, just a stone's throw from the festive district and tourist areas, choose an apartment rental in Lisbon Chiado area. Trader, very well connected, dynamic, but also authentic, moulded with history and culture, it is an ideal starting point to discover the city.

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Our flats to rent in Lisbon Chiado for a hoiday

Here are our short term apartment rentals in Lisbon Chiado. My home in Lisbon offers you also apartments for rent in Estrela and apartments for rent in Principe Real. Consult our offers.

Rent an apartment in Lisbon Chiado for a shopping weekend

If you want to find yourself at the heart of Lisbon, you can install in an apartment in Chiado. A vibrant neighborhood, where you will be able to feel the past soul of the city and its powerful contemporaneity, it is attractive thanks to the  eclectic character. You'll find both luxury clothing stores on Rua Garrett, and vintage thrift shops. Major cultural institutions, such as the Teatro Sao Carlos and the Teatro Sao Luis, and street artists. Shops of precious porcelain (Vista Alegre) and small stalls of former times - do not miss the shop of tapers, Calçada do Combro; Michelin star restaurants (the Belcanto) and small, more affordable tavernas. Chic or trendy rooftops (O Parque) and authentic small cafes. The population is equally diverse: Lisboa, tourists, young people, older ones who  meet in a good natured atmosphere. Not far from the thrilling Praça Luis de Camoes, in front of the cafe A Brasileira where he had his habits, the statue of the poet Fernando Pessoa watches over this motley crowd, seated on a bench, lending themselves obediently to the photo shoots of the visitors. \"What a great rest to have not even enough to have to rest,\" he wrote. With My Home In Lisbon, choose from our wide range of apartments for rent in Chiado and come to honor the memory of one of the most famous Portuguese poets. If you prefer to rent a house, you can check our offers of houses for rent in Lisbon.