The district of Principe Real in Lisbon

Holiday in Lisbon

Do you know the neighborhood that heads up to Lisbon? It is small, but imposing, it seems to be one of those places where you immediately feel good about yourself, where you really feel on vacation. Of course, this is the district of Principe Real, a modest area that attracts many visitors each year.

A leading destination, the district of Principe Real is a beautiful place where a number of top glamorous boutiques spring up to be on the lookout for the latest trends. It is very popular ... Residents and tourists meet every year to take advantage of an excellent stay in a place where there is a certain feeling of change of scene giving the desire to want to know more about the village.

The district of Principe Real is located in northern Chiado and Bairro Alto. It is a quiet corner who benefits from a superb panoramic view from the city center to the famous bridge on April 25th. We always feel a real pleasure while appreciating a coffee in one of the kiosks of the public garden of the district and to end the day in beauty, make the most of a delightful reading in the shade of the huge cypresses ... It is a real happiness!

If you want to visit Lisbon, the area of ​​Principe Real can be an excellent anchor for accommodation and not too far from the city center as it is easily accessible by foot. The Botanical Garden is among other things a place not to be missed in Principe Real. It is a green and carefully preserved park which is favorably visited in summer.

It is a residential area where it is still possible to observe old small palaces. These are linked around Praça Principe Real and give this beautiful air  to the village. Since it is located near the most touristy cities of Lisbon, you can easily reach them on foot.