The area of Baixa in Lisbon

Holiday in Lisbon

In Lisbon , there is a district where everything is flattened and organize... The Baixa, located in the center of the capital was destroyed by a ferocious tremor in the years 1755. But thanks to the courage and the devotion of the inhabitants, it was renovated and is today one of the tourist treasures that you should not miss during a trip to Lisbon!

The district of Baixa sheleters beautiful squares that join together by eternal avenues decorated with an 18th century building. It is especially the village that welcomes the most tourists each year ... They adore spending time in the countless large hotels and streets lined with small cafes evoking a seductive atmosphere that no one can resist ...

Those who are thirsty for nightlife can reach the nearest party city on foot ... The district of Baixa makes it convenient to travel to various tourist places especially as it includes most of the most famous sites of Lisbon. All this makes of the village a good place to stay and discover what the capital has to offer!

The district of Baixa is estimated to be the city center of Lisbon. It occupies a large part of the region stretching from the banks of the Tagus River to the Avenue of Liberty. It is located between 2 gigantic hills that also offer hospitality to the neighborhoods of Alfama and Chiado.

Are you looking for the most inescapable attraction in Baixa? You will surely love the beautiful view from the top of the Arc de Triomphe on Augusta Street. This arc connects Augusta Street to Praça do Comércio. If you go through its viewpoint, you will notice that the panorama is simply breathtaking!