Where to have fun in Lisbon?

Going out in Lisbon

Lisbon is on the point of replacing Barcelona in the hearts of party goers  from all walks of life. In the lively districts, even at the height of the night, the atmosphere is always friendly and good-natured. The Lisbonne nights are an experience not to be missed: choose your atmoshpere

The area of ​​the festival is traditionally the Bairro Alto. With its myriad of small bars and restaurants that close in the early morning, it attracts every night a large crowd in its cobblestone streets, whether on windy seasons or on rainy seasons. It is worth to be experienced at least one time.

Although very diverse, the crowd is rather teenage or student. If you are looking for evening parties for thirty, go to the Bica or Cais do Sodré. The many restaurants and clubs of this former seafaring district offer an atmosphere that is not to be compared to that of the Bairro Alto. For a drink under the stars, the Rua da Bica is ideal. If you want to dance, the small discotheques of the rua Nova de Carvalho offer a varied atmosphere: rock, R'n'b, electro, music of the world ... Attention: the Lisbonne schedules are rather late: the night clubs begin to fill only around 2am. At 3am, they are crowded! If you want to have a drink and dance, Pensao Amor, Rua do Alecrim, is the ideal place. It is a former brothel with an original decoration and offers several rooms for a drink and a large room for dancing.

But the Lisbonne holiday is not limited to the Bairro Alto or Cais do Sodré. For fado evenings, the Alfama is perfect. For a drink or a night club on the banks of the Tage, go to the Marina in Alcantara.

Moreover, many rooftops have opened their doors in recent years, which offer stunning views of the city lights and the Tage. The Parque, Calçada do Combro, is located on the top floor of a car park. O Topo placed his sofas on the roof of the Martim Moniz shopping center. For a more chic ambiance, the roof of the Hotel du Bairro Alto, on the Luis de Camoes square, is a safe bet.

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